The 2016 ploughing match


This year the Ploughing Match was held at Bradfords Farm, Little Horsted by kind permission of Bradfords Farm Partnership (Paul Cornford and Tom Benson).

The weather was glorious and drew plenty of public through the gate. The past few years have really shown what a difference the weather and soil type can make to holding an event like this. What a complete contrast to last year! From weeks of rain falling at harvest well into the autumn and winter last year, to perfect harvest conditions and baked soils.

There was some exceptional ploughing, in some tough areas. One section of the site had only been harvested the day before. The crop of coriander having just ripened!

A full compliment of trade stands was at hand to provide information and services to trade and public. The family section was brimming with locally made crafts and food (excellent standard this year!). The education section hosted Little Horsted Primary School this year who spent the day learning about food production and farming practices, as well as country crafts such as corn dolly making and also cheese making.











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