Kindly sponsored by Morley Grain, division of Mike Bartter Systems Ltd

Closing date for entries—Monday 31st August 2015

Entry Fee: £3.00

1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize Cards will be awarded in each Class

Judge: Andrew Smith

Stewards:  B Taylor and M Walton


Rules for Class 13 to 20 inclusive

All Exhibits to be staged by 10.00 am on the day of the Ploughing Match

All exhibits must be grown in year 2015

Name of the variety of corn must be attached to sample

One sample per class per competitor


Class 13 – Feed Wheat—half bushel sample

Class 13a – Milling Wheat variety 1 or 2—half bushel sample

Class 14 – Spring Wheat— half bushel sample

Class 15 – Winter Oats—half bushel sample

Class 16 – Spring Oats—half bushel sample

Class 17 – Winter Barley –half bushel sample

Class 18 – Spring Barley– half bushel sample

Class 19 – Beans—half bushel sample

Class 20 – Peas—half bushel sample


            The Church Farm & Stud Challenge Trophy kindly presented by

            Mr & Mrs L J Phillips will be awarded for the best corn sample