Closing date for entries: Friday 30th June 2023
1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize Cards will be awarded in each Class

Rules: as below

Class 25
Open to Occupiers of Farms 25—500 acres
Kindly sponsored by Agrovista

Entry Fee: £15.00
Judging date to be confirmed
Judges:  Will Sheffield
Steward: R Russell
The Tufton Beamish Trophy will be awarded to the winner

Class 26
Open to Occupiers of Farms 501—1000 acres
Kindly sponsored by CLM

Entry Fee: £20.00
Judging date to be confirmed
Judges: Caroline Harriot
Steward: S Bradford
The Cuckmere Trophy will be awarded to the winner

Class 27
Open to Occupiers of Farms 1001—2000 acres
Kindly sponsored by Fram Farmers

Entry Fee: £23.00
Judging date to be confirmed
Judges: TBC
Stewards: W Hecks & C Rea
The Coombe Place Trophy will be awarded to the winner

Class 28
Open to Occupiers of Farms 2001 acres and over
Kindly sponsored by Strutt & Parker

Entry Fee: £28.00
Judging date to be confirmed
Judges: TBC
Stewards: A Barr & C Brickell

  1. Entries must be made by 30th June 2023 on the entry form.
  2. The only points considered by the Judges will be:-

(a) General Management with view to the most economic production from the land, having regard to the nature of the farm, buildings and conservation.

(b) System of Cropping, cleanliness and management of both arable and grassland quality and suitability of livestock.

• A summary of Stock and Crops on the farm must be submitted.
• Contract Farming arrangements may or may not be entered at the discretion of the entrant but to inform the Judge that there is such an agreement either way.

  1. Competitors must be members of the Society and Farms situated in the area of the Society.
  2. Any question of eligibility of a competitor or any dispute arising out of the Competition shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be final.
  3. Subject to the option hereafter mentioned, competitors shall have been in occupation of the land in their entries since the previous Michaelmas and all land occupied by them in conjunction with, and under the same management as, the main homestead of the farm named on the entry form, shall be included. Nevertheless, competitors may, at their option, elect to exclude from the Competition the whole of any extra land taken by them since the previous year for a period of two years after entering upon such land.
    Competitors who have more than one farm in the Competition Area shall, as a condition of entry, show all farms as one entry, except that the option contained above shall apply.
  4. All land scheduled on June 4th as rough grazing to be excluded.
  5. The judging will commence as soon as possible after the entry closing date. Due notice will be given to each competitor of the day and approximate time of the first visit of the Judges. The Judges will, if necessary, inspect each or any farm twice, the second being made without notice to the competitor.