Kindly sponsored by Bodle Bros Ltd

Closing date for entries—Monday 31st August 2015

Entry Fee: £3.00

1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize Cards will be awarded in each Class

Judge: Andrew Smith

Stewards:  B Taylor and M Walton


Rules for Class 21 to 23 inclusive

All Exhibits to be staged by 10.00 am on the day of the Ploughing Match

One sample per class per competitor


Class 21Baled Hay (Seed) – 1 year Ley, bales not less than 20lbs. Round or Square.

Class 22 – Baled Hay (Ley) other than 1 year Ley.  Bales not less than 20lbs.  Round or Square.

Class 23Baled Hay (Meadow) –bales not less than 20 lbs.  Round or Square.


The Malling Trophy kindly presented by Tony Monnington will be awarded for the Best Bale of Hay in the above classes