Results 2012


Ploughing Classes

Class 1     K E Hammant—The Stormont Trophy

Class 2     G Piper—The Lower Barn Trophy

Class 2a    R Cottington—John Craig Memorial Trophy

Class 3     C Fryer—The Southern Sheep Dog Trophy

Class 4     A Clark—The Shell UK Oil Shield 

Class 5      M Butler—The Bishopstone Trophy

Class 6     I Linch—The Jack Pile Memorial Trophy

Class 7      T Hill—The Frank Eede Trophy

Class 8       Not Awarded—The Bob Pile Trophy

Class 9       C Truner—The Dawson Trophy

Class 10      I Linch—The Maskell Shield

Class 11      G Winter—The Barclays Bank Shield

Reserve Champion—C Fryer—The George Coleman Trophy

Champion—G Piper—The Joseph Harper Challenge Trophy


Corn & Hay Classes

Best sample of corn— The Church Farm & Stud Challenge Trophy—H J Hecks & Son

Best bale of hay—The Malling Trophy—R Coles


Farm Classes           

25-500 acres                The Tufton Beamish Trophy—R & S Monnington

501—800 acres             The Cuckmere Trophy—W & A Appleton (Arlington) Ltd

801—1000 acres             The Coombe Place Trophy— MF & JC Cornwell

1001 acres and over             The Brookside Trophy— C H Ellis Ltd

Organic Farm                The Organic Trophy—T W Simpson


Dairy Herd Classes          

200 cows and under             The Hillside Trophy—J S Pile (Farms) Ltd

201 cows and over              The Stevenson Challenge Trophy—W & A Appleton (Arlington) Ltd

In calf heifers                          The J Harris Robinson Trophy—J D Courtney


Beef Herd Classes          

50 cows and under             The Southerham Trophy—A R Peters & Son

51 cows and over              The CF Russell Memorial Trophy—J D Gribble


Sheep Flock Classes

The Best Sheep Flock—The Burtenshaw Walker Trophy—R T Masters


Growing Crop Classes 

Best piece of corn— The Northease Challenge Trophy—H R Walton

Best piece of corn on farm 500 acres or less— The Broyle Challenge Trophy —Copwood Farms C Tebbutt

Best field of Oil Seed and Pulses—The Iford Trophy—John Monnington Farms Ltd


Field Crop Classes            

Best Field Fodder Maize—The Botting Challenge Trophy—M F & M C Cornwell

Best Ley or Permanent Pasture—The Packham Trophy—W & A Appleton (Arlington) Ltd

Best Silage—The Swanborough Trophy—W & A Appleton (Arlington) Ltd

Best Maize Silage – The Broyle House Trophy—H J Hecks & Son


Hedge Laying Classes

Best piece of Hedging—The Stanmer Trophy—P Matthews

Highest placed competitor residing in the Society area—The Plashett Silver Trophy—M Bentley

Best Hedge competitor never won a Society’s competition—Shield—Not Awarded

Best piece of Hedging of one year’s growth—The Fred Mouland Trophy—S Mockford


The Points Trophies        

Farm 500 acres of less—Yeoman Trophy—A K Barr

Farm 501 acres or more—The Golden Jubilee Trophy—J D Courtney